Spring break!

This year my spring break wasn’t much of a break. I had something going on everyday. I had two birthday parties to go to one of them was my own. After I went to these birthday parties I went over to my friends house and we started painting a mural. Well its not really a mural its more of a group painting of random things. We stayed up till three in the morning just painting. Then we went and watched movies for the rest of the time we had till we had to get up. After that we went to Boise so I could get my tattoos. I was so excited but  was also nervous because everyone told me it would hurt really bad.

The artist took twenty minutes to align my tattoos. After we finally had the outlines on my skin he had me lay down on a bed table thing that made me think of a hospital bed. I lied down and he got some ink on the needle and started working. The initial poke surprised me but i was able to stay still. I lied there thinking of random songs that would play in my head. I began tapping my feet to the drum beats and I slowly started falling asleep. The tattoo artist woke me up thinking that there was something wrong. I told him how I had spent my night and he under stood. He continued to make little comments to me every few minutes which resulted in me laughing so he had to wait until I stopped before he could continue. My mom and my best friend laughed at me the whole time since they were sitting down not far from me. They would laugh when I tapped my foot or when I’d start to fall asleep. They talked also, but only when they weren’t laughing at me.  After I got my tattoo I spent a couple more days with my friend then I spent some time with my great grandparents.  After that my dad’s mom came up from California and spent a few days at my house. After she left I got together with a few friends from school that I was in a group with for a school project. We went to Walmart and we ran all over the store throwing random stuff in the cart then put it all back. One person rode in the cart and we got yelled at for it. Over all it was a pretty fun spring break I just wish I had time to relax.

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Before that perfect day

Before your perfect day things might not go so well. You may fight with someone you love or care about. You may get super stressed at work or school. Every day seems like another day wasted. You get home and you just feel exhausted but you still have so much left to do. You cant do anything to make yourself happy or laugh. You put on a face for everyone so they don’t know that your depressed on the inside. But then a few days or weeks after feeling this bad you finally find that perfect day.

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The Perfect Day

You know its going to be a great day when you wake up with a smile on your face.  You can wake up and feel totally refreshed and you can feel it in your whole body that today will be a good day. Your boyfriend or your crush sends you a sweet message saying good morning. You walk up to your friends and they are smiling and laughing. You don’t even need your morning coffee to wake up.  The sky looks as though its going to be a beautiful day, whether you like sun or rain. Thats how you know that today will be a perfect day.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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